Dean Rose

Resourceful.  This is one of the words people always use to describe Dean Rose.

Extremely creative, there seems to be nothing that Dean can’t handle.  Whether it is a simple graphic design project to full blown retail building design, Dean puts 110% into everything he does.

Dean Rose worked with the Bill Marsh Automotive Group for 10 years as a key component of our marketing company, Breakaway Marketing. Dean’s original responsibilities were primarily focused on graphic design. He quickly demonstrated his skill and resourcefulness in a variety of areas such as point of sale design, retail store development and direct mail marketing. Dean is a creative thinker with the talent and problem solving capabilities to handle the challenging marketing needs of all business owners. I would highly recommend you put him to work for your organization. –Jamie Marsh, Owner Bill Marsh Auto Group

Growing up in a small dairy farming community in central Michigan, Dean spent his High School Years as an ichthyologist at his Father’s Trout Farm.  The hard work at the farm created Dean’s strong work ethic with a need to succeed.

Dean received his first marketing job shortly before college graduation as he joined Morse Advertising & Communications in Traverse City Michigan as a entry level Graphic Designer.  With a degree in Visual Communications and a spark of creativity new to the agency, it wasn't long before Dean had learned every aspect of the business and was promoted to Creative Director.

“ I learned every part of the company.  I spent a few months editing TV and radio commercials, doing multi-media presentations, all kinds of print design and advertising, media buying and building websites.”

As Creative Director, Dean touched every finished project that left the agency and made sure the results were what they had planned for.

Dean found himself needing more.  After doing business with The Bill Marsh Automotive Group, a large new & used car retailer in Traverse City Michigan, Dean approached Bill Marsh Jr. about building an “In-House” ad agency within the confines of the Bill Marsh Auto Group and Breakaway Marketing was born.

What started out as a small “In-House” agency grew in to a 4 person business that controlled the retail design, point of sale, CRM system, direct mail, TV & Radio Production, internal marketing and website implementation of the entire automotive group.

“Dean Rose was a driving force in building every aspect of the Bill Marsh brand over the last 10 years.”
-Bill Marsh, Jr

Because of Dean’s experience in internet marketing, Dean was asked to be part of a new book being published by GlassHaus LTD in the UK.  Usability: The Site Speaks for Itself. As a reviewer, Dean added his suggestions and expertise to make the book a success.

10 years after Dean started Breakaway Marketing, on a stormy July day, trying to come up with a good name for his new marketing firm, Dean arrived home to find 8 giant oak trees laying on the roof of his house.  A friend said to Dean, “That was one hell of a WindStorm, it moved everything that was in its way” and the name stuck.

Dean lives in Northern Michigan and has 2 wonderful boys and is a season ticket holder to Michigan Football.

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